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This Week in Synergie - The Nightmare Ends

by Carpathius-Ghaz, 7 days ago

My name is Ghaz and I've got the beast in my sights.

So on Sunday I was doing Mythic keystone runs with the lads around 9pm ST. And no I wasn't skipping on the raid. I was doing this because we already handed Xavius a Synergie-style beatdown!

A big congratulations to all involved, not just with the kill but with all the progress made in previous raids. We can now go into Trials of Valor with real momentum behind us.

I'd like to finish this with a quote

"I love you guys"

Floydup 2016 #Never forget

(Yes, he legit said that)

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Formed in October 2006, Synergie is one of the oldest Horde guilds on the EU Quel'Thalas server.

Synergie is a social, serious and non-hardcore 10 man raiding guild. We aim to move forward in the endgame content, and like nothing more than downing a boss for the first time. At the same time real life is very important to us, and we make sure we get out into the daylight sometimes too.

Throughout The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King,Cataclysm and Mists, Synergie was constantly at the forefront of raid progress among the non-HC guilds of the realm. Synergie has been around for a long time now, we know what works, and we are now looking to continue that good work into Draenor and beyond.

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